The Best And The Worst Face Masks.

Well, the results are finally in and the worst face masks of all are the fleecy type masks and bandanas. Tests were conducted on a vast number of face masks and the winner is the masks worn by medical staff. That is to say, good old disposable, 3-ply surgical face masks. Many of the other types advertised relentlessly are an absolute flop.

According to the study conducted by, Duke University in the United States, some face masks are just plain and outright dangerous. Bandanas and fleecy type ones came out the worst. It’s no wonder that medical staff and health care workers opt for the safest and most effective mask on the market in the world. Yes, the disposable, 3-ply surgical face mask wins hands down.

A detailed report on these findings are available here. Photos and facts are accredited to this research and website: DUKE UNIVERSITY FACE MASK REPORT

Now this is no laughing matter. Countless sellers are profiteering and marketing inadequate face masks, taking people’s money and risking their live’s with poorly made face coverings.The only thing these are good for are disguising your face. For some reason, their main selling points hinge on style, attractiveness, patterns and colours rather than the purpose they are designed for. KEEPING YOU SAFE FROM VIRAL INFECTIONS.

Yes, for those who may not realise it yet, the whole point of wearing a face mask is to protect you from viral infections. Somewhere along the way we have lost that idea, and every time a website pops open, it’s laced with Google ads attempting to pass off ineffective products that are dangerous.

Guys, buy what’s right DISPOSABLE 3-PLY SURGICAL FACE MASKS. Do not risk your lives trying to look trendy. Buy right and be safe.

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