Our olfactory senses are perhaps the most underrated  of all our five senses. There is a multitude of sensations that can be effected by learning how to use essential oils. It is true that the right scent can create the right mood, and learning how to use the power of the nose can also help you harness one of the most powerful tools on earth.

If you need more proof to back this statement, think of this. How tantalising is the scent of a perfectly cooked meal? It’s the fragrance that gets us first. My do we close our eyes in delight when we breathe in the fragrance of a fresh flower?  Who has not delighted in the scent of the frangipani, jasmine, daphne, or gardenia. All with their own unique fragrance, all arouse a primal sense of delight and well being.

So learning to use essential oils to your benefit, will give you untold powers. Think of this:

• Control The Moods Of Family Members

• Raise Or Lower Passion In Your Partner At Will

• Get The Best Sleep Ever

• Arouse Appetite

• Dull A Bad Mood

• Bring A Party To Life



And this is only touching the surface of what power one can have through knowing how to manipulate olfactory senses.  Following is a brief list of well known essential oils and their abilities.


Known to relax the mind and induce sleep. The essence of lavender oil fragrance has the ability to, “turn the volume way down,”on unpleasant thoughts. Creates passivity and eases thought processes. Best used during the evening before sleep.


Perpetuates a positive atmosphere. Best released secretly during the day in a busy household. The effect of this aroma in the atmosphere has the power to lower stress levels and promote a sense of well being, promoting pleasant thoughts.



Keeps you focused and alert. Some studies have revealed that cinnamon works well with students or people studying for exams or similar tests, stoking parts if the brain that heighten concentration levels.


Since ancient times, the fragrance of jasmine has been unleashed in the bedroom to promote and elevate sexual pleasure. From the Middle East to the Far East, it’s magical aroma has set free the most inhibited minds.


Rosemary stimulates areas of the brain that helps us to make better judgement calls. Similar to Cinnamon, it is often a benefit in decision making and keeping the mind alert and attentive. Used together, Rosemary and Bergamot can be a force to be reckoned with.


By far one of the most popular  essences in the world. From relieving a stuffy head to invigorating and refreshing the body, mint has it all. Use it to refresh and awaken the senses, to encourage recovery from ill health,  and sharpen the memory.


Decreases blood oxygen levels and relaxes the heart muscles. Rose oil is particularly useful when required to relive anxiety and bring stress levels down. Ideal for use in busy households.


Sharpens focus and attentiveness, while relaxing tension. Best used while alone and during studies or where higher levels of concentration are required.


Picture yourself on a calm warm beach, a soft breeze blowing through your hair,  and the scent of the ocean teasing your olfactory senses .  Calming, relaxing, drowsy, hypnotic.


Spirit raiser. Lifts the mood to another level, particularly in a crowded room. Great for party like atmospheres.


Reduces nervousness. Purported to have the power to calm and relax the mind and body. Sharpens thought patterns.


Keeps blood pressure in check and softens the senses. People attest to feeling relieved or less stressed when affronted with the fragrance of citrus.

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