There is no need to be stuck at home and bored when you can easily be growing your own fruit and vegetable right there in your own back yard. As a horticulturalist and former nursery operator, I can tell you exactly how you can be eating your own delicious fruit and vegetables right from your own garden.

Nothing tastes better than home grown. There is a simple and logical reason for this. The fruit and vegetables you buy in stores are normally harvested before fully ripening. This is because they have a longer shelf life if they are semi-ripened. Commerce is commerce, and it suits both farmer and re-seller to follow this pattern. The cost of this, however, is that the taste lacks full flavour and is often bland. Without ripening properly, all fruit and vegetables lack in taste. By growing your own at home, you will logically harvest ripened fruit and vegetables directly from garden to table. What could be better. It’s fresher, tastier, and healthier.

There has never been better opportunities for home bound families to cultivate and prepare your own home garden. With self isolation laws in place,  now is the perfect time to set up your very own home garden. Consider the benefits:

• Save money on buying produce

• Avoid unnecessary trips to shops

• You know you are the only one who has handled your food

• Grow fresher, healthier, and tastier fruit and veggies even the kids will love

• Perfect pastime for all family members.

As time goes on, I will provide you with how to articles that will detail, How To Graft Your Own Plants For Better Yields, Getting More Out Of Your Tomato Plants, Growing Bountiful Assortments Of Produce In Small Spaces, Vertical Gardening, Espalier, and a host of other valuable gardening info that has taken me decades to collate.

To start off, in this article I am going to explain how to prepare your garden before planting. This is the most important part of gardening. Soil cultivation is the foundation of a great crop. So let’s get to it.

For this who do not have adequate garden space, do not despair. There are great alternative solutions to this. I will elaborate on this in a later section.

Select A Sunny Area.

Ideally our garden should be in an area that gets the most sun per day. The morning sun is particularly beneficial, so if you can allocate some garden space that gets plenty of morning sun, then you are in business.

Prepare The Ground.

This is most important. Remove any weeds from the roots and dispose of in a garden or compost bin. Weeds compete with other plants and usually win. This will probably be the hardest task, but needs to be done. Hiring a small rotary hoe will help, alternatively shovels and forks will do the trick. In order for roots to grow freely and be nourished well, the soil needs to be friable. Friable is virtually the opposite to clay. In friable soil, water drains freely and will rarely float on the surface. For those living in areas where the soil is mostly clay based or shale, the solution is to trailer in or truck in a few loads of garden soil from a good nursery.

Select The Correct Crop By Season

Not all plants will grow all year around, so it is important to select plants that are suitable for the season. Summer plants are planted in spring and mature through summer and. Winter plants are planted during the autumn. Things like, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflowers, potatoes and other root vegetables can be planted during autumn. Do some homework and choose the right plants for the right season.

Keep The Competition To A Minimum

Wherever there is a garden being cultivated, weeds will sneak in and take over. They will tax the soils goodness and rob your plants of valuable nutrients. This in turn will affect your plants productive abilities. Get to the weeds before the take hold. Wherever there is moisture you will find snails and slugs. Watch out because they have an appetite!

Well I hope this is a good starting point. I am always happy to answer gardening questions, so drop me a line. I have worked around Melbourne gardens for decades. Perhaps I can pass on some of what I have learnt too you guys.

For now, get rid of those boredom blues, get the kids hyped up and  build yourself a garden.

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Vasilios Vlahopoulos

Since we are home, this is a great way to spend your time and grow your own fresh produce.

1 year ago
Mobile car wash

Hi there. Thanks for this info! Love your blog!

11 months ago

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