Working From Home During The COVID-19 Crisis

Working From Home During The COVID-19 Crisis. If you are  a stay at home person, restricted to working from home while the current pandemic sweeps the world, you should find this post helpful and informative. I have written posts along these lines in the past, however this time I will elaborate and provide a goldmine … Read more

Grow Your Own Strawberries In Melbourne

If you wish to grow your own strawberries in Melbourne, you will find this post especially useful. I grew and sold strawberry plants in Melbourne for over 15 years. Not only are they easy to grow, but they will taste like no other strawberry you have ever tasted before. I will quickly explain why. When … Read more

Growing Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

There is no need to be stuck at home and bored when you can easily be growing your own fruit and vegetable right there in your own back yard. As a horticulturalist and former nursery operator, I can tell you exactly how you can be eating your own delicious fruit and vegetables right from your … Read more

Germban Hand Sanitiser

BUSTING VIRUSES WITH GERMBAN HAND AND SURFACE SANITISER INSTANTLY KILLS GERMS, VIRUSES, AND BACTERIA. SPRAY ON HANDS – USE ON HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS AND SURFACES Germban has been especially formulated to quickly tackle and destroy germs, bacteria and viruses. It contains the recommended, 68% Isopropyl Alcohol. Two types and several sizes. The 250 ml. and … Read more